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Wow, nine-out-of-ten-sociopaths were right. Nice one, NC!

I'm ROFL!!!!!!!

Nice! You have GOT to make more of these videos! That was HILARIOUS!!!!


That's damn near the best unofficial sprite animation I've ever seen! Good work!

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YOUR SOUND BOARDS R00L!!!!1111oneoneone

This review is for ALL mof your sound boards: They r00l, 'nuff sed.
...A few choice words for you, like u, and, r, and, awesome!


Alright! This is friggin' awesome! Those are just the sound effects I'll need for my first Flash! YOU ROCK!


I don't give a damn that it's copied off of a freeware program, this thing is FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!!! I offer you my greatest wark. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Veeeeery nice

When I heard the intro, my first thought was, "Bleh. Probably put a ripped MIDI through cheap synths..."

Then the guitars kicked. Consider my mind BLOWN.
My one complaints are there should have been some rhythm guitar during the guitar vs. synth solo, and the solos were just a tad sloppy. Otherwise -- FLAWLESS.

Absolutely incredible.

As much as I like electronic music (I make it myself) I hate how repetitive and boring most techno gets --- not the case here. :D It's good to hear some fresh life breathed into overused synths. It's really no wonder you're at the top of the food chain right now. ;)

Very nice.

It's good to see someone doing good Pokémon remixes, given OCR has a whopping FOUR of them (picky motherlovers...)
I notice you didn't upload Time of Parting here, so I'll just go ahead and review both at once.
You do an excellent job of capturing the emotion of the original music, as well as overlaying new harmonies. Your compositional skills are apparent in your work. My one complaint is that a few of the instruments sound obviously fake. The pianos and harps sound wonderful, but the guitars and wind instruments -- to name just a couple -- sound kind of cheesy. I think your remixes would sound ten times better -- in other words, absolutely FLAWLESS -- if they were created with either 1) better synths or 2) live instruments (not that I expect you to have a bunch of those handy :P)

Keep up the good work!

SirCombee responds:

Trust me, if I had better software, namely anything other than garageband, I would definitely be using better soundfronts. I am not exactly perfectly happy with them either. Considering I am using garageband for these, this is really the best I can do. I agree completely though. I really need better equipment, or a live orchestra haha. Time of Parting is uploaded on here btw

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